What is RunFundMe all about?


At RunFundMe we don't just want people to consider going out and maybe funding you: we want them to Run and definitely Fund You!  As a result, we have built a user-friendly platform that allows campaign organizers to immediately and easily set up a free account and then receive money "live" instantly in real time as donations are made! RunFundMe allows you to invite others to take part in your life and your particular story and/or cause. Just as we share parts of our lives on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., we also want to share our needs, wants, hopes, dreams, pursuits, celebrations and challenges online with other people via crowdfunding. People are eager to support others they care about and their causes. RunFundMe removes the traditional barriers associated with receiving financial support from the people in our lives and makes it easy to give and receive. RunFundMe is all about helping others quickly and efficiently!

RunFundMe is the world’s best social fundraising platform because our Campaign Organizers receive their funds instantaneously and in real time live as donation are made! AND, we charge less than many of our competitors in terms of fees: therefore, our users get More Money in their pockets and they get it Now!  There is no more having to make requests for money or waiting to get much needed funds and the help that they need.  We are improving the way donors give and campaign organizers receive to improve the process for all because we care. 




  • World’s Best & Instantaneous, Real Time, Fundraising Platform
  • No Waiting to Receive your Funds
  • No Having to Request Funds (you receive money in your account the moment a donation is made)
  • 24 Hour Support, 365 Days
  • No campaign deadlines or goal limits
  • Giving Back To The Community 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why RunFundMe?


  • Get Your Money Faster (Instantaneously Real Time)

  • Get More of It (We charge lower fees than most competitors)

  • Mobile-Friendly Campaign

  • No penalties for missing goal

  • No deadlines or goal requirement

  • 24/7 Email Support

  • Get every donation you receive today!